Volunteer Ombudsman Representatives
are the Heart of the Ombudsman Program

The Role of a Volunteer Ombudsman Representative

Volunteer Ombudsman Representatives are advocates who provide a voice for the concerns of long-term care residents who are living in a nursing home, residential care or assisted living.

Some volunteer activities include:

  • Visit residents in long-term care settings (nursing home, residential care, assisted living).
  • Educate residents and staff about resident rights.
  • Engage in conversation with residents to learn about problems or concerns.
  • Seek resident permission to address problems or concerns regarding quality of life.
  • Additional opportunity to become an in-service trainer to provide education on resident rights and mandatory reporting to staff in nursing homes, residential care and assisted living.

Advocacy Mission of the Volunteer Ombudsman Representative

Volunteer Ombudsman Representatives ensure that:

  • All long-term care residents have the highest quality of life.
  • Each resident is able to fully exercise his or her rights as a resident of a long-term care home.
  • Staff fully respects the choices, values and dignity of each individual.

Meet one of our Dedicated Volunteer Ombudsman Representatives

Judy White

Judy White - Ombudsman Volunteer

Judy White has been a Volunteer Ombudsman Representative for six years, advocating for residents in nursing homes, residential care and assisted living as well as working in our office filling in for our Office Manager.

Judy is passionate about her volunteer work for the Ombudsman Program, stating: "I feel very strongly that this segment of society has worked so hard in their lives and deserve our utmost respect; if there is anything we can do for them, even a simple task, then we should". We can’t thank you enough Judy for all the amazing work you do!