Staff Training and Resources

The Ombudsman Program offers free in-service training for staff employed in nursing homes and assisted housing programs including residential care and assisted living. These trainings are offered to help staff better support the residents they care for by understanding residents' rights and how to protect residents from abuse, neglect and exploitation. We are also available to speak with residents about their rights. These trainings run approximately 45 to 60 minutes and cover:

  • Residents' Rights for Staff
  • Residents' Rights for Residents (designed for residents)
  • Recognizing and Preventing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Residents
  • Mandatory Reporting

Video Lending Library

The Ombudsman Program has a collection of videos relating to long-term care that may be borrowed by nursing homes, residential care and assisted living.

Consumer Guides for Residents' Rights

The Ombudsman Program offers consumer guides for residents' rights in nursing homes and assisted housing programs. These guides are written especially for residents and their family members. Please click here to print a guide.