Hospice Care

Hospice care is a philosophy of palliative care to provide comfort, relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering and to promote the dignity of terminally ill persons. Medical, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met through the use of an interdisciplinary hospice team. The team consists of the doctor, the hospice medical director, nurses, home health aides, a social worker, chaplain and volunteers.

Hospice care can be provided in the home, a nursing home, residential care or assisted living.

Hospice care usually lasts for up to six months, but care may be extended longer, if certain guidelines are met.

If you have trouble accessing hospice care or are having problems with your hospice services, contact the Ombudsman Program at (800) 499-0229 or (207) 621-1079 for assistance.

Hospice in Long-Term Care Facilities

The Ombudsman Program offers a consumer guide to hospice services in long-term care facilities. This guide is written especially for consumers receiving hospice in a long-term care facility and their family members and is available upon request. Call us at (800) 499-0229 or (207) 621-1079 to request a copy and you can also click here to review and print.